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Dr. Miller has been in Central Oregon, providing psychotherapy to individuals, marriages, and families since 1999. Before Central Oregon, he worked for 11 years in a variety of contexts, serving people of all ages, addressing a broad spectrum of mental health and addiction problems. This gives him an appreciation for the continuum of mental health services beyond regular outpatient therapy.

Though he respects all organized religions, Dr. Miller's Christian worldview plays a major role in his personal and professional life. Indeed, soon after he became a Christian at 13 years of age, he felt a strong sense of "calling" to become a counselor. This is not just a job for him; it's part of who he is. He would be delighted to know what your worldview is, so that he can incorporate your worldview into therapy as fully as possible.

Dr. Miller's education began with a B.S. in Psychology, in 1987, from Warner Pacific College. After a few years of experience in the mental health field, he pursued his master's and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from George Fox University, finishing in 1997. His dissertation related to children's and teens' responses to interparental conflict and divorce, which continues to be helpful with marriage and family issues.

On the more personal side, Dr. Miller has been blessed with a marriage to Cheri (a.k.a. Awesome Administrative Assistant) since 1987. They have two adult daughters.

A big believer in the benefits of exercise, he regularly lifts weights, and he swims competitively. He has a history of endurance running and some distance triathlons. He's also somewhat of a nutrition geek, and he'd be happy to support you and your medical team's efforts concerning your eating habits.